We don't have any - all the production of these Challenges has been the result of voluntary labor.

I was requested to collate some "Challenges" suitable for combined Parent & Child LEGO NXT MindStorms fun sessions that were to be scheduled weekly in an early evening timeslot. The children ranged from average to very bright 10 to 12 years olds. The background of the parents ranged between "leaving secondary school early virtually illiterate" to Ph.Ds..  The parents suggested it would be nice if they could practice at home as well as at the School - hence an Internet presence? The initial meeting was a fortnight away. Gulp! Who was it who said "miracles are done straight away - the impossible takes a little longer?"  Ah well, as an old Salvation Army Major said "mistakes are evidence that at least someone has tried..." Time to stop thinking and start doing!

Equipment used?

Anything we could scrounge - which was usually barely adequate...

Quite often we felt like the gentleman in the illustration, just doing the best we could with whatever we could get hold of!

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