NXT LEGO MindStorms Tutorials - Background...

At the request of Tasmanians Mrs. Juanita Airey (recently retired from Princes Street School) & Miss Clare Neilson (originally at Margate School, now Huonville School) activities using LEGO's NXT MindStorms Robots have been developed for use in School-based 2-hour sessions. The age range of participants so far has been from Upper Primary to Adults (the latter in parent/child sessions). The tutorials are presented as a series of Challenges. The younger students seem to have been raised in a TV/Video saturated environment, and experience has taught us the necessity of a strong reliance on video in these Challenges. The adults suggested it would be useful if the Challenges were available at home as well as at the School - hence what about an Internet presence? This web site is a hurried response prepared at short notice that attempts to meet their needs. The rest of the Challenges will be added one by one as they are needed for home use.

About Us?

Thanks to Miss Yaya Lu who assisted in both the production and testing of the videos, and to Mrs. and Mr. Juanita & Martin Airey, Miss Clare Neilson, and Mrs. Susan Bowler who assisted in evaluating these Challenges with  the enthusiastic help of their students.

About Others?

Thanks to Tufts University for the initial idea behind the first Challenge, to Dr. Damien Kee for the inspiration for Challenge 14, to Mr. Luke Laurie for the official rules for Challenge 40, to Fort Hays State University for the idea behind Challenge 42, to Mr. David Cook for the rules mentioned in Challenge 46,  to Miss Clare Neilson and her Margate Primary School Grade 6 students for the initial design of ClareBot and to Miss Yaya Lu for videoing and narrating the construction of this Challenge 48 Robot, to Carnegie Mellon University for the inspiration behind Challenges 16, 28, 38, 50, 54 and 58, to Mr. Chris Bracken for guidance in Challenge 102, and to HiTechnic for the Compass Sensor information relevant to Challenge 104.

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