2010 RoboCup Junior in Singapore

This event has been held from 19th to 25th June 2010 in Singapore. There were three main activities, Soccer, Dance and Rescue. More details are given below the note of local interest.

Australian/New Zealand RoboCup Junior 2010 success (note of local interest!)

While I would congratulate all the competitors who managed to get to Singapore and compete to the best of their ability, I was especially impressed with results of local teams in RoboCup Junior 2010, with three local Dance teams sharing top rankings.

Congratulations to "Temperamental Technology" from Perth and "Robo Rockers" from Brisbane who were listed (along with "Uma Aventura na Selva" from Portugal) as winners in the “Original Performance” category of the Primary School RoboCup Dance event, heading a big field 34 entrants from all over the world. "Robo Rockers" also combined with "Bogatech Dance" from Spain and "LuWan I Team" from China to head the Super Team primary school dance performance list.

Congratulations to Tasmania’s  "Robo Squad United" who were listed (along with "Jess.ISR.uc.pt" from Portugal and "RoboBand" from Israel) as winners in the “Original performance x 3” category, heading a  big field of 30 entrants in the Secondary School Robot Dance event.  "Robo Squad United" combined with "SOMECE" from Mexico and "The Seventies" from Singapore to be listed third in the Super Team Secondary school dance performance list; and were also granted the collegiality award.

Congratulations to New Zealand passport-holding Yaya Lu, a member of "Robo Squad United". While still of international primary school age she has achieved a double (top rankings in successive years in different events, Dance 2010 Singapore & Rescue 2009 Graz Austria) that I am told is unique in Australian International RoboCup Junior history.  

The complete final results for 2010 RoboCup in Singapore can he seen by clicking here, here or here

Singapore 2010 Junior RoboCup Dance Videos

A video of "Temperamental Technology"'s Singapore performance can be seen here. Jess.ISR.uc.pt's first try can be seen here, and their final performance here. "RoboBand"'s Singapore performance is here. An early "Robo Squad United" rehearsal narrated by Ogilvie Secondary School student Devika Remash can be seen here. Robo Squad’s final performance in Singapore is here.

It is interesting to note that several performances used robots playing musical instruments - New Zealand videos which shows some close-ups of techniques for these types of robot playing can be seen here and here.

Primary/Secondary School Divisions

Teams consisting of participants all of whom are aged 14 or under were considered to be Primary School participants, and teams consisting of participants all of whom are aged 19 or under and with at least one participant over the age of 14 were considered to be Secondary School participants. Ages were calculated as at 1st July 2010. More information on this web page.

RoboCup Junior Soccer  2010

General information about RoboCup Junior Soccer at Singapore can be found by clicking here, and the Soccer Rules can be accessed by clicking here.

RoboCup Junior Dance 2010

General information about RoboCup Junior Dance at Singapore can be found by clicking here, and the Dance Rules can be accessed by clicking here.

RoboCup Junior Rescue 2010

General information about RoboCup Junior Rescue at Singapore can be found by clicking here.

In 2010 RoboCup Junior Rescue has been split into two events, "Rescue A" and "Rescue B". Rescue A is similar to the 2009 Rescue event, and Rescue B introduces some maze-like elements into the Rescue event.  In 2010 Rescue B was a demonstration-only event. 

Rules for both Rescue A and Rescue B can be accessed by clicking here. In the unlikely event that this site is unavailable, these rules (as at 15Jul2010) can be seen by clicking on Rescue A, Rescue B and arena building suggestions. Note that the size of the can used in Rescue A in Singapore (click here, 330 ml., height 11.6 cm., diameter 6.6 cm.) is different from the size of the can used in Australian RoboCup Rescue events (click here, 375 ml.).

Singapore 2010 Junior Rescue Video & FAQ

 Dr Damien Kee has posted a video of some of the Rescue A robots seen at Singapore here. Some of his answers to questions about Rescue B can be found here. YouTube videos of a Rescue B run  can be seen here, and victim detection here.

www.DrGraeme.net - World RoboCup Junior Dance, Soccer and Rescue contacts for 2010