2008 World RoboCup Dance

We had a heavy test and competition schedule, and could not get away from our own competitions very often, so these are just a few of the dance scenes, ones we saw when we had time between our own competitive runs.


This is one of their two robot elephants, on this one the ears move.

This is their set - the Taj Mahal.

To see a video of their dance preparation and presentation, (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

Smoke on the Water

Our light-hearted look at some really impressive construction & programming of the robots - which unfortunately is hard to see on the dialup version; (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

Primary School 1

I was told this was illustrating a Chinese traditional tale - the robot goes in a line along the front of the performance; (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

Primary School 2

Lots of enthusiasm, I'm not sure what the tale was - robots are moving on the floor in from of the dancers (unfortunately difficult to see in the dialup); (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

St Trinians

I was unable to see their performance - this very brief clip of a test of their video is included only to show that some Dance competitors did use video (which my camera does not pick up at all well); (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

Other Dance Robots

Some of the other more spectacular of the dance robots we saw during a quick tour (and were given permission to photograph) were:-

Several KISS robots; (broadband click here, here or here); (dialup click here, here or here).

A HUGE peacock with a tail that expands! See peacock with tail expanded and (extreme left) furled (broadband click here), (dialup click here). A closer look at this remarkable build (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

A cheerful two-NXT humanoid robot; (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

End comment

These few clips certainly do not do justice to the Dance items at Suzhou. If anyone knows where more clips of these performance exist, if they could let us know (Graeme @ Computer.org) we'd be delighted to to provide links to them.

www.DrGraeme.net - World RoboCup in Suzhou China Dance performances.