2010 RoboCup Junior in Tasmania

The 2010 programme has events scheduled in both the North and South of Tasmania. Activities are scheduled to involve Soccer, Dance, Dance Theatre, Rescue and Premier Rescue.

The RoboCup Junior North-West Coast Regional event was held on Saturday 17th July at Devonport High School.  An information kit is available here or here. More information, including on-line registration for the regional event is here.

The RoboCup Junior Tasmanian State Finals will be held in the Stanley Burbury Theatre at the University of Tasmania on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of August 2010. An information kit and on-line registration (deadline August 6th, entry cost has increased from $44 in 2009 to $50 in 2010)) for the Tasmanian State Finals is available here. The information here  is probably meant to be for 2010, not 2011 as stated (web page viewed 28Jul2010). 

Primary/Secondary School Divisions

There are Tasmanian-only modifications to the National Regulations. These are detailed in the 2010 versions of the Tasmanian guides, for Dance click here, for Soccer click here, for Rescue click here.

RoboCup Junior Soccer

The 2010 National RoboCup Soccer rules and competition divisions can be found by  clicking here. This year a new National category of LEGO robots up to 1 KG has been introduced, but it will not be used for National or Tasmanian Soccer competition in 2010. However most of the soccer robots in the Tasmanian soccer competition are usually made from LEGO. Directions for constructing a basic LEGO Soccer robot are available here or here

In Tasmania in 2010, Soccer Robots from all the National Soccer Robot divisions will compete against each other in one competition; for more details read the Tasmanian Guide to Soccer available here or here.

The Tasmanian 2010 RoboCup Junior Soccer preliminary rounds are scheduled to be held on Friday 13th August, with the final  rounds to be held on Saturday 14th August; see here.

A link to the Victorian RoboCup Junior web site, which includes programming hints and video of Soccer Robots, can be accessed  by clicking here.

RoboCup Junior and Senior Dance and Theatre

The Tasmanian 2010 RoboCup Senior Dance final rounds are scheduled to be held as a twilight event on Friday 13th August starting at 4:00 p.m.. The Tasmanian RoboCup Junior Dance final  rounds are scheduled to be held on Saturday 14th August; see here. Note the Dance changed location - the Dance preparation will be held in the area of the Arts Lecture Theatre - some 50 meters south of the Stanley Burbury Theatre where the event has been held in the past.

The 2010 National Dance rules and score sheets are available either here; or here, here, here and here.

RoboCup Junior Rescue and Premier Rescue

A RoboCup Junior Tasmania Rescue and Premier Rescue Guide can be obtained by clicking here or here . The National Rules for Rescue and Premier Rescue can be seen by clicking here. Competitors considering entering both should carefully compare the National and Tasmanian regulations, as there are some significant differences; for example the 2010 age regulations;

Tasmanian Age Regulations

National Age Regulations

International Age Regulations

Students in Grade 7 & below (Junior Rescue).

13 years of age or younger at the date of the RCJA Australian RoboCup open, 18th September 2010; (Rescue)

Students aged 14 or below at 1st July 2010; (Primary Rescue).

Students in Grades 8, 9 and 10; (Senior Rescue).

No National equivalent.

No International equivalent.

Students studying up to Grade 12, 18 years of age and under; (Premier Rescue).

Students undertaking a primary or secondary school course at the date of the RCJA Australian RoboCup open; 18th September 2010; (Premier Rescue).

Students aged 19 or below at 1st July 2010 (Secondary Rescue)

Note that the Tasmanian Rescue Regulations (viewed 30Jun2010) has an error; on page 1 it mistakenly include the 2009 cut-off date for the National competition, the date should be 18th September 2010 (not 20th September 2009).

The Tasmanian RoboCup events will be run generally according to the National RoboCup rules, but will contain some restrictions that will make the Tasmanian competition easier, e.g. the water tower will be used in National Rescue in 2010, but will not be used in the 2010 Tasmanian Junior and Senior Rescue events. The range of competition tiles will be the same for the Junior Rescue and Senior Rescue, with the Premier Rescue adding some different tiles. The International competition arena and rules are completely different, see here

The Tasmanian 2010 RoboCup Rescue and Premier Rescue preliminary rounds are scheduled to be held on Friday 13th August and the morning of Saturday 14th August. The Tasmanian RoboCup Rescue and Premier Rescue final rounds are scheduled to be held during the afternoon of Saturday 14th August; see here. Students can enter both Rescue and Premier Rescue.

Some ideas about preparing for the Tasmanian RoboCup Rescue tournament can be read by clicking here.

www.DrGraeme.net - Tasmanian RoboCup Junior Dance, Soccer and Rescue contacts for 2010 - Note that the information above is my personal opinion only, the official Robotics Tasmania web site is here.