2007 Tasmanian RoboCup Junior information

Information and results for 2007 that was previously available on the web has become unavailable since RoboCup Tasmania changed office holders.  Personally I feel this is unfortunate, as I believe access to these past results has provided a useful guide for students and parents as to the standard of (e.g.) previous Rescue tournaments, providing a realistic idea of their chances in the next RoboCup competitions. The present practice of listing only the top placegetters would seem to me to place all the emphasis on winning, whereas the previous practice of listing of complete results on the Web allowed teams to chart their improvements year to year as they learnt more. I would like to think that participation in RoboCup is more about students learning, with winning only a secondary result if the student's learning has been particularly effective - just my thoughts.


With regard to teams with whom I was associated or mentoring, Yaya Lu from Princes Street Primary School achieved a very good result in RoboCup Rescue. She also boldly (aged 11) entered the under-18 Premier Rescue, coming dead last, but it was very good experience for the future. 

The Princes Street Dance team under Mrs. Juanita Airey's inspirational guidance also achieved an excellent result, and were awarded a grant towards travel expenses for a trip to the National RoboCup competitions to be held in Queensland's Gold Coast.

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