Student Videos - Princes Street and Bellerive

Princes Street Primary Grade 5 students had some fun with this 2-hour Challenge. The aim was to build a robot and program it to navigate around the walled arena, surviving 5 laps. One robot actually achieved this - just!

  • One-quarter lap - Whoops! Wrong turn!               Click here.
  • Three-quarter lap, using centrally mounted sonar, Click here.
  • Vroom Vroom goes one lap - the hard way!         Click here.
  • One lap plus, using a push sensor;                      Click here.
  • One lap plus, using sonar mounted on the right;    Click here.
  • Mr. Bob goes 5 laps - using desperation tactics!   Click here.

These 2007 videos are used with the kind permission of Mrs. Juanita Airey.

To permit portability between Schools, this arena used stick-on clips to hold the outer walls in place. This is not recommended. They were fine for a few months, but slid out of alignment and broke in use. The system shown here and used below is preferable.

Bellerive Primary Grade 4/5 students used the first arena shown here. The aim of the students of this historic School (established 1842) was to achieve three laps of the arena using their NXT MindStorms robots. .

  • Assembling the Arena                      [Video Big Small]
  • Starting Lights;                                [Video Big Small].
  • First Run.                                        [Video Big Small]
  • One Lap, and then whoops...            [Video Big Small]
  • Three Laps without error!                 [Video Big Small]

These 2010 videos are used with the kind permission of Mrs. Lynette Lewer.

Mount Nelson Primary Grade 6 tackled this 2-hour Challenge to see if they could get their robots to go several laps around the walled racecourse...

These 2011 videos are used with the kind permission of Mrs. Ros Neilson.

Mount Nelson tackled the arena again in 2012.


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