Tasmanian, Australian RoboCup Rescue and Premier Rescue mat.

Note that this mat is two years old, and is usually stored rolled for ease of transport - hence the ripples that can be seen. Competition mats are glued to a flat surface, with no wrinkles present. Note also that this mat has no obstacles on it - in competition, obstacles can optionally be added, (check with the rules web site listed below).

The rules that governed the 2009 Australian Rescue and Premier Rescue competitions can be seen in ".pdf" format by clicking here. It is likely that these will change for the 2010 event. At the time of writing (17Feb2010) the new rules are not available. However if you subsequently check the RoboCup Junior Australia web site (click here) they might have become available.

Obtainable Where?

The following information is included to provide an idea about price & availability - it is not intended to be a recommendation for any particular commercial institution. The prices were current at the end of 2008.

The Australian RoboCup Rescue mat is available from http://www.teaching.com.au/ .

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