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2007 National RoboCup Junior

The 2007 Australian RoboCup Junior competitions were held on September 1st and 2nd at Queensland's Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with approximately 350 students in 150 teams competing.

Dr. Damien Kee's comments (including pictures) of this tournament can be seen by clicking here.

Videos of competing teams for 2007 Nationals are scarce, but videos of the NSW 2007 events (Dance, Rescue and Soccer) can be seen here.

National RoboCup Junior Premier Rescue Finalists

This year a new Recue mat was introduced, with competition divided into Rescue and Premier Rescue. The 2007 rules can be seen here. Unfortunately, the National RoboCup Results do not seem to be currently available via the Web.

Regarding the teams I was associated with, Yaya Lu of Tasmanian Grade 5 Princes Street Primary School finished about half-way up the RoboCup Junior Rescue results - an excellent result for an 11 year old in her first year of robotics. She also caused a stir by being the only Primary School student to enter the Premier Rescue event, being very obvious in the queue of entrants as she was half the height and one-third of the weight of most other competitors. She finished up in the bottom third of results in this under-18 competition, ahead of four High School teams - a pleasing and surprisingly good performance.

Mrs. Juanita Airey's Grade 5 Princes Street Dance team also finished in the mid-range of the Dance results - again a very pleasing result for a first attempt.

National Senior Robotic Dance

A YouTube video of the winning Open RoboCup Junior Dance 2007 winner can be seen by clicking here. A West Australian entrant in the same tournament can be seen here

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