Using Third-Party Sensors with RobotC

When RobotC is first downloaded, it is configured to recognise only LEGO sensors. It is necessary to change this configuration to allow the use of third-party sensors (e.g. HiTechnic, MindSensors, Firgelli, et cetera). This can be done by:

  1. Starting RobotC,
  2. Selecting the Window menu heading and
  3. Selecting the Menu Level setting of Expert.
  4. Selecting the View menu and the Preferences/Detailed Preferences options; a window entitled "RobotC Preferences" will appear on the screen.
  5. Select the NXT tab, and left-click in the four (or however many you need) boxes below the heading "Allowable 3rd Party Sensor Types".
  6. Left-click on the "Apply"  button,
  7. Left-click on the "OK" button,
  8. Choose the "File" menu heading and left-click on the "Exit" option.

This process is illustrated in the videos below. Note that some videos can be expanded to a full screen by clicking on or  in the lower right-hand corner of the video screens.

 or movie (wmv), video (mp4)

Your version of RobotC can now accept third-party sensors - good work!

 Free tutorial - copyright Dr. Graeme Faulkner 2011 -